Day at the Park

Today has really been a day of running around, but after everything we always manage to put things into perspective...family time at the park!

What did you guys do on this beautiful day?


Sanaris & Natalie's Birthday Party

We decided to have 2 birthday parties wrapped up into one and it was a complete success. My cousin's daughter, Natalie, who was turning 6 years old did not know she would be having a surprise birthday party along with my daughter, Sani, who was turning 3.

Natalie had a My Little Pony themed birthday party, meanwhile Sani had a Minnie and Daisy's Bowtique birthday (she prefers Daisy best).

The picture below is of Sanaris wearing the outfit that I made for her, along with the hair bows that her aunt made for her. She owns ABelle's Bowtique, check it out by visiting here.
This is my Sani with her "greenma" as she likes to call her (grandma, my mom). 

This is the cake that my husband, my sister and I made for our little darling.
You can't possibly imagine how hot it was that day. So much that the cake was butter cream and it MELTED! What a disaster, but it was eaten and loved regardless. I will stick to my usual fondant next time.

 See the cake all melted? Haha, oh well. We added some sparklers for pure fun, especially since her birthday is in July. She loved it!

 It's tough to have to choose which cupcake you want to eat.

 ...and it looks like we have a winner! Pink bow beats the purple bow.

Since Natalie's birthday party was of My Little Pony, we had pony rides for the kids. Isn't this picture the cutest? Funny thing is he's really a male.

Here is a picture of both of the birthday girls enjoying their pony ride.

 This is Sani on her birthday pony ride.
This is my son trying to help his little cousin go to the bounce house.
 This is Dominic playing in the bounce house.
 Sani after her change of clothes since it was so hot that she was sweating.
 Cutting Natalie's birthday cake. She's a big girl now...a whole 6 years!
 Here are all of the kids gathered together to take their picture.
 Natalie blowing out her birthday candles.

The best part of all is that at the end of the day, the kids were exhausted and they came home for showers and off to bed they went! Truth is...I showered and went to bed also, I was exhausted!

The End! :)


Easy Hemming Tutorial

If there is anything I hate dislike doing, that would be jean shopping! Why do I dislike it so much? Well, I am short so every time I try on jeans I have the issue where they remain too long and it drives me crazy. Especially when it rains and the whole bottom get wet and then they start to tear....ugghhh!

If you've ever felt this way, then I have the perfect solution for you using this easy peasy hemming tutorial. It literally takes like 10 minutes to do. This is the easiest way to hem your pants keeping the original hem.

What you'll need for this tutorial is:
-Sewing Machine

What you will need to do first is try on the pair of jeans/pants and fold the pant leg up to the desired size that you would need it to be at (as seen below) and then bring it up about 1/2'' more.
Next go ahead and pin it to hold it in place.
Now sew right below the original hem (see below)

 Once you're done you will see the new hem as seen below in black.
What you do next is cut right below the new hem line. This will help to remove all of the excess fabric. Try to cut as close to it as possible.
 This is what it looks like when it's all cut (see below)
 Now just unroll the new hem and iron it flat.

Voila...just like new!


Birthday Outfit

The romper is now complete... It's all of Daisy Duck's colors.

She is such a little model! She created all of her own poses. haha