Pub Table Centerpiece

After a couple of family gatherings we've been saving up some wine bottles. I've had this idea in mind to create a centerpiece for the dining room table that consists of 3 wine bottles, all of different shapes and sizes. I want to color it in the same peacock color scheme we are using. I wanted each bottle to be unique from one another, but to stand out with bold colors.

First I started off by peeling off the labels on the wine bottles.

Next, I used my glue gun to create patterns on my bottles.

For example, on one I made lines, on another I made dots in columns all the way down. Create your own pattern, make it as fun or plain as possible. 

Before: Plain Wine Bottles

After: With Patterns
I let the glue dry. Then, I took them outside for painting. I made my husband do it actually...didn't want to ruin the new manicure ;)

Once they dry, I will put them on the table to show you.

Until next time!


Decorating the New Place

Finally! Our last piece of furniture was delivered today. I am excited about decorating my new place and making it cozy with less decorations but the wow factor obviously in place.

I've been working on a lot of DIY's around the house to try and make the most of furniture and decorations we already had rather than giving them away or donating them. For example, this is a table that was given to me so I upcycled it by painting it and adding the glass to it, which it didn't have.
Before: Bronze Metal Table
After: Black Metal Table
Here it is pieced with my new dining room set.
On the empty wall I found an idea of what I want to do with a few canvases to make one big picture. I think my husband and I are going to attempt to paint our own...
Isn't it gorgeous? Wow! Blows my mind!

Last week we got our leather sectional, which I am currently trying to find decorative pillows for. I am looking for some solid colors and some decorative peacock pillows to go in front of the solid ones. I also need to change my pillar candles since I am no longer going to decorate in the red and burnt oranges I had planned to do.
My new leather sectional

I have all of these ideas in my mind of what I want to do with my new decor. I want to use all of the peacock colors to decorate between my living room and dining room.

I went shopping this weekend at Pier 1 Imports and found a bunch of new items that have the peacock colors. For one thing they had this peacock diffuser, which I loved. HOWEVER...I did not want to pay $30 for it!
So I decided that I was going to make my own (cost me about $5 or less to make)....and here it is...voila!

Much nicer I'd have to say, especially for the value. I purchased the glass and the diffuser reeds at Wal-mart. The rest of the items I had on hand.

This is what I want to do to create the centerpiece of the dining room table with wine bottles of different heights. The one on the lobster is one of the bottles I have, along with a few others to start this project with. Maybe this weekend I will get a head start. I'm planning on painting them different colors, but of course with the peacock palette colors we are using.

Off to bed I go...this little head of mine has way too many ideas and I'm going to save them for the weekend. Nite nite!

My 29th Bday

January 16th, was my 29th birthday. My hubby bought me a nice bouquet of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas..and some beautiful roses. May I add that he created this bouquet himself. Props to my wonderful husband, that's why he is the best!!
At work my staff made me lunch and bought me my favorite- vanilla cake with fudge frosting. Mmmm. Then they joked about me being 9-2 by switching my candles around. So not funny!
After work I decided to spend it with my husband, my kiddos and with good friends.

Although I am against work day parties, it was my birthday so I said, what the heck..let's do it! I barely got any sleep and then had to wake up early. I was so tired at work and hung over, but it was worth it! lol

This is Joe..my husband's best friend. We have the same birthday...guess that's why my husband loves us so much! :)
This was me just joking! ;)

Saving the best picture for last...this is a picture of me and the hubby before the festivities commenced. I love it. He is so G.Q.

::singing:: Happy Birthdayyyy tooo mmmmeeeee!

My mom bought me an electrical frother for my bday that heats up the milk and makes it extra foamy. Amazing! I love it so much better than my manual one. woo hoo.


The Kiddos New Room

Yesterday we finally had time to start decorating the kids' room.

Our little boy and little girl are sharing a room in the meantime. The cartoon they have in common that they love are Minnie and Mickey. Therefore, we decided that we would decorate their room this way.

I had my husband re-decorating by painting the kids daybed from a natural brown wood to a flat black to match the dresser. He also painted a wooden frame we had to black to match the room. The frame has a Mickey Mouse puzzle I completed some time ago for Dominic. Perhaps I should go and find a Minnie Mouse one now for my Sanaris. 
While my husband was painting outside I was organizing the kids toys. In their toy boxes I found a bunch of Mickey and Minnie's they have received over the years. One of the girls at work also gave me some Disney snow globes and a Fantasia canvas for their room.
I have to change their lamps now to something that matches the decor. I think I will add some black/pink/red/yellow ribbon to it. I will see what I do with it as I go along. I also have a little black shelf that will be going into the room and I found these perfect little Mickey and Minnie figurines to make them their snow globes of each of their characters for that shelf. You can make your own snow globe by following my tutorial here. It was actually quite funny this morning when I hand Minnie over to my daughter she says, "What happened Minnie? You stuck?" hahaha. It was the cutest thing ever. My son, on the other hand, was not the least bit excited about this. He tells me, "I want Mickey outside not inside." I think once he sees his whole room pieced together he will love it. He is just like his father in that aspect, he needs to see it all pieced together to see the bigger picture.
I will have to post some pictures later of the completed room since it's only half way completed right now.

Until next time! Toodles! (yes, pun intended...lol)

I am back posting the pictures of the semi-completed room, we still have to paint and hang up a picture frame or two.

And those are the kids having fun jumping on their new bed after being told not to. Apparently they couldn't resist taking the pictures without jumping. :) 



Wow I have been out of the loop for a while now. I would say this has been the longest week ever!

At least I can surely say that 2012 is turning out to be a great year thus far. On January 9th we moved into our new place.

We've been blessed with being able to purchase furniture for our new home. Chris and I decided that with our move this year we were going to buy a new dining room set and a new living room set. So we found a brown leather sectional at City Furniture and the pub table I've been wanting for years now at Rooms to Go.

Our new leather sectional

Pub table
The princess bed my daughter wants.
I love our new place. The commute to work is an added bonus. Let's just say that I work where I live. I am a Property Manager to a brand new community that is still being built. The apartments come with many wonderful features that we are now enjoying like granite counter tops, washer and dryer inside the units, alarm systems, water is included, etc.

Since this is a new construction I have been without internet/cable/home phone for about a week now. Comcast has taken their sweet time entering the addresses in the system. I've had to put DVD's on for the kids just to keep them from going insane, or driving me insane.

I am finally able to blog about it because after fighting with them to get us up and running ... today they decided to do it! Woo hoo. Just in time for my birthday.

Well, off I go...have to go celebrate my birthday weekend. I told you many wonderful things for this new year! :)


Gnome Sweet Gnome

I found these cute little gnomes just in time for Valentine's day!!

I thought they were so adorable and I just had to share them with you guys. I know Valentine's Day is a month away, but time passes by so fast that I could not help to get your creative juices flowing before Valentine's day. Make your "Valentine" a special treat.

All you need is:
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pen/Marker
  • Felt
  • 3/4" Office Dot Sticker or paper cut into a circle
  • Hershey's Kisses
  • Soda Can 
  • Paper Clip(s)- to create multiple at a time.

1. Create a 3" circle of felt by pressing the bottom of the can into the felt and cutting along the impression it leaves. Cut the circle into quarters.
2. To form the hat, run a thin line of glue along a straight edge of one felt quarter and press it to the other straight edge. Use a paper clip to hold the edges in place. When the glue is dry, remove the clip. Save the other quarters to make hats for more gnomes.
3. Glue the hat in place on the kiss, then stick or glue on the eyes. Allow the glue to dry. Use a pen or a marker to write a dot sticker and press it to the bottom of a kiss.