Enjoying the Weather

Today was beautiful, the weather was just perfect. We decided to "Carpe Noctum" and seize the night. We went out for a little stroll with the kids, took a picture with them by some lights, took out some of our Christmas decorations to start decorating our place. The hours passed by so fast, but I got to enjoy my little ones. If it weren't for moments like these....what would become of us?

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Monster Scrapbook

Back in October one of my favorite online scrapbooking stores, Scraps and Giggles, held a contest for the most likes on their Facebook page. The winner of the contest would win a new canvas monster book dedicated to the person. The only thing you had to do was enter a photo into the contest of your family. I decided to enter the photo of my babies. Then the person with the most "likes" wins the contest. We won! This is the picture that I entered into the contest. This was them doing their Facebook pose, lol.

It took about 2 weeks to get the book, but I must say that it was definitely well worth it. This is a picture of the kids with their new book when it arrived. They loved it, "can I hold it mama?" They were so excited. Maybe I'll get them to help me choose the pictures they like to add to the album.

I still have not put any pictures in it since I want to take advantage of going through some of the old pictures I have of them and also photographing some new ones to add to it.

I have taken some pictures of what the inside looks like. I love the style of the album since she made the edges look worn and added lots of embellishments such as "monster" eyes, glitter, clips, ribbons, etc.

Scary Boo, Scary Boo, Scary Boo ::In Sully's voice from Monster's Inc::

You should check out her page sometime. She also has a store on Etsy.


I have a GIVEAWAY coming just in time for CHRISTMAS!!!
One lucky winner is going to take home the necklace seen below.

Necklace and 3D Clear & Silver Ball Charm

Here are the rules to enter:
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Once contest ends:
Contest ends on: 12/16/2011 at 11: 59pm
1.    Winner will be contacted via email.
2.    Giveaway prize will be mailed.

Merry Christmas & Good Luck!


White Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Cookies

I bought this Peppermint Sugar Cookie pack at walmart.
I baked the cookies as per the instructions.
I purchased this white chocolate bar and used 4 packets.
I heated it in a microwavable safe bowl until melted, stirring in between.
I took a candy cane and crushed it.
Here is the crushed candy cane.
Once cookies were baked, I let them cool.
I dipped them halfway in chocolate and sprinkled crushed candy cane pieces on it.

Dangle Ring Tutorial

If anyone is interested in learning how to make dangle rings, I have my Dangle Ring Tutorial for sale $8. Just email me and I will send you the invoice. This is a step-by-step picture and wording tutorial that shows you how to create each individual dangle, the base of the ring and how to attach the two. If you have any questions after your purchase, you can also reach me with any technical issues you may be having and I would be more than happy to help you.

Thanks for supporting handmade!


Photography Tips

Photography Tips
Macro: A macro lens shows close-up pictures of ordinary subjects-revealing an unknown world!

 If you want brilliant images, I would suggest taking pictures of a colorful subject like a cake. Using a blurred background for effect you will get striking professional-looking results. The cake will be the center of attention.

Macro is ideal for taking portrait photos, since the subject tends to stand out, while the background becomes hazy and blurred. Ex: flowers, bugs, etc.

Objects look best when photographed under natural light from a window. You can also try photographing a subject against background illumination- such as gleams of light coming through leaves. This captures images against a wonderfully luminous backdrop.

You can create an instant reflector by attaching a little wrinkled aluminum foil (using the darker, duller back side) to a piece of cardboard. Then take a little time to find the best angle for brightest illumination.

Change your view…Lower the camera position either to bird’s eye view, sky view, etc. Perhaps you want to take a picture of your pet, lower your position to your pet’s eye level to capture a better shot.

Camera settings play an important part in photography. Learn to use your camera in particular. Google or your camera manuals are a great place to start.

Try taking picture in monochrome, full color or sepia tones for a little added effect.

Want to be more adventurous? Try taking tilted shots, extreme close-ups, and more.

Shoot away!

Christmas Tree Set Up

I wanted to share this picture with all of you to show some of the pictures I took with the new camera of my family and I setting up the Christmas tree at my moms house with our families as my mother enjoys her kids and grandchildren.
I love this picture <3
My mom and the hubby putting up the lights.
A decorative ball (my husband took this one)
My son playing with the decorations.
Mom, Zeus and I.
All the kids with grandma picking the decor for the tree.
My little girl by the tree