I'm Back

This morning, my husband brought to my attention that I haven't blogged in a while. It was actually quite nice of him to notice. Otherwise, I would have never known that he actually read my blog.

So in honor of him I am back!

Funny thing is that when I first opened this thing he used to always say, "I don't know why you write so much if no one ever reads that." I swear he loves to test me!

I've been gone since about April. I became pretty sick and was unable to focus on anything. Luckily it's nothing too serious and I'm feeling a lot better and now I can enjoy things a lot more....like my babies.

This picture was taken by their aunt Annie, who took them to the movies to watch Madagascar 3. I have the best children in the world.

Last week I went shopping for shoes and meanwhile I am trying on shoes, guess who I found trying on shoes as well...yep, Sani! Isn't she such a girly girl?! I love it! She loves my jewelry and every morning when I am putting on my makeup to get ready for work she asks me to put some lipstick on her too.

Speaking of work, I had to go to a workshop in Key West, which I had never been. Seems like the closer you live to places, the less you visit. I wanted to share some pictures I took. All inspired by the hubby who requested I take some scenic photos. Here is what I came up with... 

A little seagull I saw when I arrived.


90 Miles to Cuba- Loved this view

Sunset from my hotel room.

Reminds me of Finding Nemo, "mine, mine, mine." LoL.

A pier.

A pier in the middle of the water. How do you get there!? ;)

A man walking the pier.

Ocean view...
Which one is your favorite?!

Well, that pretty much sums up my break away from Blogger. See you soon! :)

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