Canvas Photo Transfer Tutorial

With all of this rainy weather here in Homestead, FL.... it's perfect for staying indoors and crafting! I wanted to do some photo transfers onto canvas and purchased my supplies to do so. Canvas was also on sale, which was an added bonus ;)

Supplies you will need:
-Mod Podge Gloss (to seal the picture in)
-Liquitex Gel Medium (to transfer the photo)
-Canvas (any size)
-Pictures (size needs to match size of canvas & needs to be printed on regular printer paper)
-Painting Brush/ Foam Brush
-Cup of Water

Step 1: Print your pictures in color/black & white/sepia depending on your preference. Make sure to print this on regular printer paper...NOT picture paper.
Step 2: Trim the picture to be flush around the edges with the canvas.
Step 3: Using your brush, paint top of the canvas using the Liquitex Gel Medium.
Step 4: Lay your photo upside down on the canvas being sure to smooth out all of the bubbles and that it is centered. (It should look like the photo below).

Step 5: Let it dry. Usually overnight, if you can't wait, then at least a couple of hours until it dries fully.
Step 6: Bring out your rag and a cup of water. Wet the rag and then rub wet rag over the photo on canvas. You will now start to see the photo underneath.

Step 7: Keep rubbing rag over the canvas/photo until the paper starts to peel completely.

Step 8: Dry it up with the dry side of the rag.
Step 9: Seal using brush and by rubbing Mod Podge Gloss over it. It will look white on top, but it will dry clear.
Step 10: Allow the sealer to dry fully before hanging or displaying.

Step 10: Enjoy your new photos :)

These are my photos waiting to dry....

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