Gumball Machine Tutorial

I LOVE gumball machines! They can be quite costly. Something about them makes me love them so much. I do not know if it's the candy apple red color of the original machines or just the gum within it, but something about it made me want to recreate one.

I found this tutorial online of how to make one using the inexpensive products below and got to work:

-Small terra cotta pot and base from your local craft or home improvement store.
-Small round votive holder (in the glassware/candle holder section at Michaels)
-Red spray paint (or the color of your choice) 
-E6000 adhesive (also available at your craft store)
-Small wooden balls/knobs they are in the wood section of your local craft store.  They are flat on one side making them easy to adhere to your machine.

This is what I came up with!

These are old-fashioned Xmas Candies I want to add.

I decided to do it in chalkboard black paint instead since I can write little messages below such as "Happy Halloween" as I fill it with candy corn. I can even write "Merry Christmas" on it and fill it with peppermint. It can even be decorated with ribbon, etc. You can even make a larger one and use it as a beta fish tank. The possibilities are endless really!

For the time being, I filled mine up with Runts...


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