Snow Globe Tutorial

In January I will be decorating the kids room so I had an idea to build them shelves above their bed and place some snow globes on their shelves to match their decor. Before I do this however, I wanted to do a test run.

I found these little globes at Michael's that come with instructions inside on how to make them. 

The idea is pretty simple. All you need are the following items:
-Snow globe from your local crafting store. (or you can substitute by using a mason jar)
-Figurine you'd like to place on the inside. (plastic, porcelain or metal- if using metal make sure it won't rust first)
-E6000 glue
-Distilled Water (boil tap water and allow it to cool)
-Snow powder and/or Glitter 
-Liquid Glycerin

First, glue figurine to the inside of the lid using the E6000 glue. Allow to dry for a few hours until completely dry. Second, fill the jar half way with distilled water. Next, add one drop of glycerin (use two drops if it's a larger jar.) This will aid in dropping the snow powder/glitter slower.Then, add sparkles and fill jar to the very top with water. Lastly, add glue around the inside rim of the lid before closing it into the jar/globe.This will help to seal the lid so that children will not be able to remove it. Allow to dry fully. You can also embellish by using ribbon, paper to line the bottom part of the globe (lid), etc.

Shake, shake, shake and enjoy!

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