Day of Fun

Today was adventure day. We started off early this morning by visiting the doctor for our eye appointment. Instead of waking up earlier and having breakfast of champions we had to rush to our doctor's appointment.

At least I know of 2 little people that had a great time at the eye doctors, our kids. Oh and guess who found her favorite glasses, or sunglasses I should say? Sanaris did! I could not choose which pair I liked for the life of me, but she had her choice made.
Anywho, the kids kept bothering the poor man ringing up our order by taking all the glasses in sight and trying them on. Also, by taking his calculator. Guy must have been dizzy, I sure was. Especially after having your eye tested for pressure, all the eye examinations that they do and more so after having our pupils dilated.

What a bummer trying to go outside while our pupils were dilated. Both the hubby and I had the exam, so I did not know how we were going to drive. We could not find our sun glasses and it took forever for our eyes to adjust. 

Leaving the eye doctor's on an empty stomach, we decided to go get some much needed lunch at our favorite restaurant, Suvi Thai. Hope I am not leaving you hungry with this picture, but this was our lunch....mmmm...Jimmy Rolls and Dragon Rolls. Yummy!
If you're wondering what a Jimmy Roll is, it's a roll that's not on the menu at Suvi Thai. This actually came from the Homestead Roll and was created by one of the Sushi Chefs there who named the roll after himself. It has a little bit of kick to it, which makes it great. It actually makes all other sushi's look bad now. Once you've had the Jimmy Roll there's no going back.

After lunch, a nap was needed!

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