My Space

In case you guys were wondering where do I usually blog from, this is it!
This is my little creative zone.This has always been my little area, but now I'm even more excited about it because for years now I've been wanting to put my computer monitor on the wall. I didn't know it was possible since I had only seen the brackets for the TV.

Now that I got a new computer monitor I decided that it was time to do things right. So I also purchased a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. 

I like this little area because now I don't have to take out other tables to do my crafts on. I can just remove my wireless mouse and keyboard and I have all the space to put my sewing machine, scrapbooking supplies, or anything I may be working on at that time. 

In case you're wondering where I purchased this bracket, you can find it on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy my space! Until next time...

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