Disney 2012

Disney 2012 was a success!

This is a picture of Dominic looking at all of the Disney signs on the way to the park. This is when he realized where he was, but he still had no idea of what was in store for him.

This is his first picture at Disney's Magic Kingdom when we made it in on the Ferry.

My little boy must be growing up or he just must have been so in awe by Disney because I could not believe that he was not scared of any of the characters. The first characters we saw were Daisy and Pluto. He ran up to both and hugged them without hesitation. My little girl I never worry about because she's the brave one, she does not scare easily.

This is a picture of my daughter and my nephew. Isn't Jayden so sweet giving Sani his older cousin a kiss?! Too cute!

This is one of our family pictures taken at the park with Pluto. Unfortunately, Sani never looks at the camera on any of them...or she was sleeping. What luck!

I had a junk food policy when entering the park. I was not going to deprive my kids of eating what they wanted. As a matter of fact, I was really going to let them enjoy themselves. It's not always you get to go to Disney. So I decided to buy them cotton candy so they can try it for their first time also.

What do you think? They really loved it huh?!

These are the kids getting ready to watch the Disney Parade.

Look who it is.... our favorite mice! Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

I love this picture minus the crane in the background.

There go Chip 'n Dale!

It's Mr. Incredible!

Dominic's only special request out of this whole trip was the hat that he's wearing in this picture. He saw a little boy in one of the theaters with it and requested that we get him one.

To be quite honest, I was so surprised that he was so well behaved that we had to buy him one. He loved it so much that he even slept in it. He's just too funny!

Before leaving Disney's Magic Kingdom, we were going to develop our photos when we realized that we only liked 2 out of the 27. We were informed that Mickey and Minnie were in that same building taking pictures.

This was a great photo opportunity to have a one on one session with Mickey and Minnie. Sani asked them, "Hey, do you want to come to our house?"

This is as good as it's going to get when it comes to a family photo. Sani was mad the whole time. I guess the terrible 2's are kicking in so she was not too thrilled about taking a picture.

This was our 2nd park day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The park has gotten smaller since I last went. It's like they're getting rid of a lot of the rides, perhaps to create space for new ones. Not really worth it.

This is a picture of "almost the whole crew" except for my mom's boyfriend that was somewhere ahead of us watching one of the shows. I'm here carrying Sani, my husband Chris is carrying Dominic. Then Jax, my sister is holding my nephew, Jayden and lastly my mom.

Here is a closer picture of us.

I love this picture of Dominic with Handy Manny. He had so much fun. Handy Manny even had fun with Dominic by showing him how cool his hat was. Manny decided to spin it around.

Here is a picture of my sister Jax and I with the kiddos. We were watching a storybook show with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This was such a cute show for the kids because they were able to sing and dance and help along with the show. They also threw bubbles down and confetti strings and gold doubloons (Jake and the Neverland Pirates).

A family picture of us that I love...but I would have loved it even more if my little munchkin Sani would not have fallen asleep, otherwise it would have been perfect.

My boys spending some quality time together for the perfect photo opportunity.

Here is Daddy teaching Dominic how to make a Souvenir Penny of Lightning McQueen. He loves things that spin so this machine had a handle that you have to spin to emboss the penny.

It was cute watching my boys have fun.

Here he is analyzing his new penny.

Dominic showing off his new coin. He was so amazed by it.

The crew tired already from all the theme parks. Ready to head back out to Miami!

My little princess had to have a hat  of her own...so we got her the Minnie Princess Hat. Hahaha, we can't even see her eyes.

Here is Dominic wearing his favorite Disney hat. He loved it so much he would not take it off. This picture of him was taken while we took a train ride around Disney.

Here I am with the kiddos watching the story book from Disney Jr. with them. Can you tell they were tired? 

That's all for now guys...until next time. Hope you had fun sharing in my mini vacation with the family. :) 

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