Paper Bead Tutorial

Every little bit counts. Therefore, if you have any scrap paper lying around, turn it into something special. At times I have had a scrap paper I enjoyed in particular and have saved the scraps off it to see what I can use it on next.
You can either use scrapbooking paper, decorative paper, magazines, or you can simply draw on a sheet of paper to create patterns. On this tutorial I chose to just simply draw on paper to create my own paper beads.

All you really need to create these paper beads are the following supplies:
Paper, ruler, pencil, scissor, wooden skewers, glue, gloss spray varnish (or I used ModPoge), cord for strining,  jewelry findings for creating a necklace/bracelet/earrings/etc and needle nose pliers.

Step By Step Instructions:
Step 1: Use bead templates to choose the shape of your paper strips. Rule strips on the back of your paper and then cut them out.

Bead Template Shape

Step 2: When you have cut several strips, you can start to roll your beads out. Begin by rolling the thick edge firmly around the skewer. Then run the glue stick along the remainder of the triangle and continue wrapping the paper around the skewer until you reach the end. Make sure the paper is wrapped tightly on itself and the end is glued down really well.

Step 3: Continue to roll beads this way until you have covered most of the skewer. Then rest skewer end on the edges of a plastic plate or container with beads not touching plastic to allow glue to dry. Repeat.

Step 4: Spray an even coat of gloss varnish over the beads. Rotate the skewers so the beads are evenly covered.

Step 5: When beads are completely dry, slim them from skewer and begin stringing together as desired. If preferred, you can knot the strands together instead of attaching jewelry findings.

Paper Beaded Bracelet

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