Decorative Pillow

I am so proud to announce that what would have cost me about $40 each to purchase...I made with materials I had at home and some other items I had to purchase in order to complete the project.

I am really happy with the outcome of it. It goes so well with the green pillow that we purchased at Big Lots a few weeks ago. The hubby is a wonderful inspiration, he always gets these great ideas that gets the creative juices flowing, then I make his vision a reality. What a team!

I'm off to make the 2nd pillow now. I am already dreaming up the 1 pillow that I will make for the center to bring it all together. Let's see what happens.

Turned these 2 ribbons into 1.

Don't you just love the glittery ribbons?

Here it is completed with the exception of the center pillow.

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