Peacock Theme

This is our new pub table lamp that we purchased at IKEA at a bargain of a price...only $20. They were actually white, but we painted them to match the color of our theme and they actually look so pretty lit up and even off. You can see the picture of it below as it is lit. The bulbs are LED lights so they're really cute. Too bad the picture does not do it justice.
We really loved the outcome of our new painting to go with our peacock theme for the dining room. My husband and I painted it together. We decided to try out oil pastels on the canvas. It was nice using the oil pastels since you can always blend the colors in together with your hands. Of course, he is always the inspiration and once we started, it was tremendous team work. 
What love does to people huh? <3
For a little glitz and glamour, we decided to add some peacock colored rhinestones to highlight the major areas of the peacock feather, more specifically the "eye." I think it came out really cute.

Here we are trying to be real artists and signing our names in a gold leafing pen.
Here is the final photo all tied together. We added a 4th frame to the picture. I love it!

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