Photo Editing Software

Do you have a favorite photo editing software? I can honestly say that I don't! I have never really determined which one I love more than another.

After looking at all my Android powered electronics (cellphone, tablet, etc.) I have come to realize how many different photo editing software/apps I have. Just to name a few that I have downloaded: PhotoFunia, LittlePhoto, PicsArt, Pixlr-o-Matic, BeFunky, Man with Camera, Camera360 and Camera+LightBox.The cool thing is that I use multiple to edit one specific photo at times. 

Not to mention, I have more programs for photos on my desktop as well. I have PhotoShop, Picasa3, Photoscape, Picozu and Picnik. 

I love photography! Pictures are so much fun to capture. It's like a moment frozen in time. Isn't it beautiful how you can capture happy moments in your life? Or even landscapes that remind you of a period of time in your life?

The majority of the apps that I have are free. Download a few, try them out. So go on ... take pictures...and have fun. These are just a few words to live by when it comes to photography that I found inspirational. 


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