A Healthier 2012

Thought this was funny.

Okay so every year we say we want to get healthier and we're going to work out, but seldom do we find the time to do it. This is the year to get fit, to be healthier....if not for your family, your kids, etc. then for yourself.

I have a diet plan that was created by a doctor. This diet plan is actually to be taken with diet pills. However, I don't believe in diet pills. I believe in healthier eating, portion control and exercise to help you lose weight. I have used it in the past without diet pills and have lost weight. It works great because you're eating in portions as well as eating healthier foods. The last thing that you feel in this diet is hungry!

*Something to keep in mind* Remember that it takes 2 weeks to break a bad habit! You can try taking smaller bites and eating slower. If you eat too fast, you don't get the signal to your brain quick enough to let it know that you're already full and  by then you're already stuffed.

I wanted to share this diet plan with you in case you're interested in following it.

You must eat 4-5 meals (no more than 4 hours apart). Drink one glass of water 8oz. 1/2 hour before each meal.
The following meal plan is just a suggestion. Use as a guide.

This is the diet plan
These are the rations and descriptions of what to eat.

For more information they recommend

If you still feel hungry after any meal, drink water. This will help to fill you up and takes away the urge to continue eating. Also, try not to eat past 6:30 p.m.)

Maybe you should take some before or after pictures so that you can check your progress. Maybe even post a picture of your thin days and how you imagine the healthier you to be and post it on the fridge for daily motivation.

Just a little motivation to get us going.....

A toast to a healthier you in 2012. Go get 'em tiger!

***Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor! Therefore, please consult with your physician before following meal plan.***

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