The Kiddos New Room

Yesterday we finally had time to start decorating the kids' room.

Our little boy and little girl are sharing a room in the meantime. The cartoon they have in common that they love are Minnie and Mickey. Therefore, we decided that we would decorate their room this way.

I had my husband re-decorating by painting the kids daybed from a natural brown wood to a flat black to match the dresser. He also painted a wooden frame we had to black to match the room. The frame has a Mickey Mouse puzzle I completed some time ago for Dominic. Perhaps I should go and find a Minnie Mouse one now for my Sanaris. 
While my husband was painting outside I was organizing the kids toys. In their toy boxes I found a bunch of Mickey and Minnie's they have received over the years. One of the girls at work also gave me some Disney snow globes and a Fantasia canvas for their room.
I have to change their lamps now to something that matches the decor. I think I will add some black/pink/red/yellow ribbon to it. I will see what I do with it as I go along. I also have a little black shelf that will be going into the room and I found these perfect little Mickey and Minnie figurines to make them their snow globes of each of their characters for that shelf. You can make your own snow globe by following my tutorial here. It was actually quite funny this morning when I hand Minnie over to my daughter she says, "What happened Minnie? You stuck?" hahaha. It was the cutest thing ever. My son, on the other hand, was not the least bit excited about this. He tells me, "I want Mickey outside not inside." I think once he sees his whole room pieced together he will love it. He is just like his father in that aspect, he needs to see it all pieced together to see the bigger picture.
I will have to post some pictures later of the completed room since it's only half way completed right now.

Until next time! Toodles! (yes, pun intended...lol)

I am back posting the pictures of the semi-completed room, we still have to paint and hang up a picture frame or two.

And those are the kids having fun jumping on their new bed after being told not to. Apparently they couldn't resist taking the pictures without jumping. :) 

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