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As you can already tell, I have not been on to post much. Especially with the holidays, I have been trying to spend some time with the family and actually enjoy myself a little bit.

Well for Christmas my husband got me a Nook Tablet, which I was very excited about for only a weekend. Why you might be asking? Well, it was actually pretty awesome until I found out that the app market had all games, books, etc...but all of them were for a charge. Unlike the Android market that has a lot of apps for free, this one did not. There was even a charge for the use of Facebook, which is always free. Disappointing if you ask me. I think my husband was even more disappointed than I was and insisted that I get a new one. So we went in search for something a little better and that's when he got me the Acer Iconia Tablet. I love Acer. I've noticed now more and more that it's a brand I live by. My computer at home is an Acer, my laptop is an Acer and now my tablet as well. Very reliable!

Finally, after finding the tablet I wanted, we went in search for a case. Geez, all of them were $30+. There was no way I was going to fork up that amount for a case. That's when I decided to try and create my own. I went looking through my "junk" and found some cardboard, batting, fabric, fabric glue, felt, glue gun, elastic and finally a gorgeous royal blue ribbon from a gift the kids got for Christmas, which I could not bring myself to throw away. I knew I would find good use for it.
This is how my tablet case came out and since I had all the materials on hand, it's like I didn't pay anything for it. Besides, the materials are so inexpensive that this project could have cost me $10 or less.

Exterior Tablet Case
Interior Tablet Case
Interior Tablet Case
Did you get a tablet for Christmas? Need a cover for it? Why not make one?! :) If you do, send me pictures, I would love to see your final product.

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