Have A Cappuccino With Me?!

Loooooonnnnnggggg time ago, my grandmother had given me a frother when I was going into College. If I had ever known what that little piece of equipment was for, I would have never gotten rid of it. Pinky promise!

Back then I was not into drinking coffee. However, I cannot say that about today. I have become quite the coffee addict ever since I had my son and he did not let me sleep.

On Christmas day while hanging out at my mom's house I asked her to make us a coffee. When she came out she came with these beautiful little cappuccinos she had made. They were delicious! When I went inside I noticed that she had an electrical frother. Wow!! It just kept me wanting more!

So for Christmas Chris and I got a gift card for TJ Maxx from my mom and guess what I went in search for? You guessed it, a frother! Not an electrical one since they are quite expensive. Today I went to TJMaxx and that's when we found this baby for $16.99. It was calling my name. With weather like the one we're having right now, which is very rare in Florida, there is nothing like a nice cappuccino to warm you up.

So what do you say? Have a cappuccino with me?!

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