Pub Table Centerpiece

After a couple of family gatherings we've been saving up some wine bottles. I've had this idea in mind to create a centerpiece for the dining room table that consists of 3 wine bottles, all of different shapes and sizes. I want to color it in the same peacock color scheme we are using. I wanted each bottle to be unique from one another, but to stand out with bold colors.

First I started off by peeling off the labels on the wine bottles.

Next, I used my glue gun to create patterns on my bottles.

For example, on one I made lines, on another I made dots in columns all the way down. Create your own pattern, make it as fun or plain as possible. 

Before: Plain Wine Bottles

After: With Patterns
I let the glue dry. Then, I took them outside for painting. I made my husband do it actually...didn't want to ruin the new manicure ;)

Once they dry, I will put them on the table to show you.

Until next time!

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