Mickey Mouse Pancakes

My kids LOVE Mickey Mouse!

Today I decided I would surprise them and make them some Mickey Mouse pancakes.

I saw a picture on Pinterest that tells you to make the pancake mix and then pour it into an empty ketchup bottle. This now becomes your pancake mix dispenser. This helps to make less of a mess and easy to pour. Made it super easy to be able to make the Mickey Mouse shape without a hassle or mess. No need to spend the money on the bottle dispensers when you have all the materials that you need right in your household.

They were fighting with me to hurry up and serve them. My son especially loves pancakes. He always wakes up in the morning and says, "Good morning. Can we go to Hihop for pancakes." He calls it Hihop instead of Ihop, he's so cute!

Needless to say, they LOVED their pancakes! They ate all of their food, which makes me very happy.

Here I leave you with some pancake inspiration I found online. Go all out and create something fun for your next pancake......Your kids will love you...take my word for it!

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