Christmas Eve with the Pomares Family

For Christmas Eve we had plans to go to my brother-in-law & sister-in-law's house (Orlando & Yisel). They were cooking up a little piggy for dinner. (Sorry, not intended for the animal activists).

When we first got their and saw their beautiful tree we decided to take advantage and try to capture a family photo by the tree. Every year this is a difficult task because my son HATES taking pictures. He is always screaming, crying and trying to escape from any and all photos. I think they came out alright.

Christmas 2011- Pomares Family
Family picture with my mother-in-law
I got this crazy ideas to try and get all the kids gathered around the Christmas tree and take pictures of them. If I may add, this was just a CRAZY idea of mine. I just shot away and crossed my fingers that one of them would at least come out fine. Trying to get the kids in sync is a difficult task.
Dominic, Kristian & Sophia
Sanaris & Sophia
Brotherly/Sisterly Love- Sophia & Kristian
Kristian, Sanaris & Sophia
We all sat outside trying to catch the most minimal sense of cool air that we can possibly get here in Miami. Did not really feel much like Christmas considering the weather.

Despite the fact that I really was not in the mood to drink, my husband insisted that I do. After the first sip, I was not complaining. Orlando was making me any martini he can think of: strawberry, raspberry...and they just got fancier and fancier as the night went on.
My husband joining me as well of course.
Here we are all hanging out outside trying to enjoy ourselves on Christmas Eve.
The hubby and I
Chris (The hubby), Anabella (Sis-In-Law) & Ligia (Mom-In-Law)
My Niece Racheal that came down from TX.
Racheal & I
The Pomares family have the tradition of putting the kids to sleep early and then waking them up at midnight to open the gifts. In my family it's always been a little different. We had to go to sleep and then wake up Christmas day have breakfast with the family and open up our presents.

This year Yisel decided that she was going to have her father dress up as Santa and wake the kids with a, "ho-ho-ho" greeting at the door as he dropped off all of the presents. It was quite funny really the whole little skit we saw them play before the actual appearance. First things first, we had to get the kids to sleep...
They weren't very tired.
Here are just a few pictures of the kids opening up their gifts after Santa's arrival. I'm not even going to lie to you, but I must have like hundreds of pictures already just from this Christmas weekend alone.
Opening up her Barbie Gourmet Kitchen
Happy with his Buzz Light Year
Have I told you how much she loves Minnie?
Can you tell how much he loves Mickey?

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