Minnie Mouse Cake

I must admit that I am BEAT! What a night last night and what a day today.

Let me start by saying that last night I went to sleep at 1am, on a work night, which is very unusual for me considering that I <3 to sleep. My husband went to sleep even later, which he always does anyways, since we went through the trouble of trying to make a Minnie Mouse cake at the last minute. I love baking and making the fondant cakes, however I have to have the time to dedicate to them while I am doing them. Those things are so time consuming. It's amazing how long it takes to bake a cake and how fast it gets eaten. Breaks my heart every time.

To make a long story short, I had to wake up early to deliver it and I had to be at work early too for a delivery I was expecting. Overall I am just so thankful that it is Friday and that I finally get to kick my feet up and relax.

Where was I, oh yeah, the cake. Well I think it came out pretty good. My son LOVES Mickey Mouse and my daughter loves anything Minnie Mouse or Princess. Therefore, you can imagine what a great time we had making this cake with them nearby. They both wanted to play with Minnie. Upon delivery, my son began crying because he wanted to go to the party. More specifically, he wanted to go to the party because he thought that he would be able to try the cake if he went. All in all, I'm excited with the outcome of it. What do you think?...well you can be the judge of it. ;)

Ta-ta for now, I think I shall take a nap. 

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