Styrofoam Christmas Tree

I saw this pretty little Christmas tree somewhere online the other day and I wanted to make one for my dining room table centerpiece. I thought you might want to make one as well, so here I am sharing my tutorial with you on how you too can create one.

This is a really simple project, which I think you'll absolutely love!

First, you'll need to pick any cone you want from your local Art Supply Store. In the pictures below I have one made of cardboard and one of foam. I decided to go with the foam one since it was larger.

Next, you'll need to cut at least 4 rolls of ribbon into 4" pieces and fold them half way. Glue them together with a glue gun. I chose two different colors since I wanted to give it a bit of contrast, feel free to use as many as you like.

This is not part of the tutorial! lol. This is my sister, Jax, having way too much fun with the cones. I made her do the tutorial this time as payback for making me do some BORING homework for her the other day. ;) Looks like it's not much of a payback since she's having too much fun with my project!! Oh well...

Then, you glue the top of each of the strips and place them all the way around covering the foam cone, one row at a time. I chose to do one layer the darker green and then the one above the lighter green.

This is a more detailed picture of what it starts looking like.

This is what the tree looks like when you have a few layers in.

I ran out of ribbon since I only purchased two spools. Guess that means another trip into my local arts and crafts store ;) [I am not complaining]. So I will post my finished piece once completed.
Stay tuned!

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