Padded Journal

I must admit that I LOVE journals. I guess because I enjoy writing. I remember I borrowed a crafting book from my aunt once that showed how to make a padded album. This project is very similar to that. Now that I think about it, I have never had a plain composition notebook. Every time I had a notebook I always covered it up with whatever I could find, whether it be magazine pictures, boys (I think us girls always did this), fabric or just anything in general.

Here is a picture of my journal.

I use this journal for my blog ideas, crafting ideas, mailing lists, custom orders, etc. It can be used to add clippings of actual pictures you've found online of items you would like to create, etc. I decided that after every couple of pages I would add some tabs that I found at my nearest office supply store in order to divide my sections and keep my thoughts a little more organized.

My journal is a brown and teal color since I love the color combination.

Someone recently donated a few composition notebooks to me and I was thinking what a great Christmas or Birthday gift this would be.

I don't actually have a tutorial on this, but I found someone on YouTube that does and I had no idea she enjoys crafting. You will find her tutorial very resourceful and easy to follow: check it out!

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