Oh Toodles!

I suppose this will give you an idea of where I am planning on going soon...

For Christmas, I am planning on taking my kids to the most magical place on Earth...Disney's Magic Kingdom. Dominic is a big fan of Mickey Mouse and Sanaris really enjoys Minnie and from what it seems like now she likes Daisy as well.

I want them to enjoy the theme park and take advantage of viewing all of the characters. My husband seems to think that the trip is really just for me instead of the kids. Shhhh, but I think he's right, don't tell him I told you. I think there is a child in all of us when we go there.

This also makes a great opportunity for taking pictures, which means that my new camera gets to go on an adventure as well, I'm sure "it" would love that. So in preparation for Disney I found these cute little bows to put in my daughter's hair for that day. 

Aren't they just adorable?! I was thinking of maybe working on another project...Instead of buying them the autograph book...I think I found something in my crafting closet that I could use to make them an autograph book. Hmmm, perhaps I shall get to it!

I can't wait...only 8 more days until we're at the happiest place on Earth!

Come along and sing a song 
and join the jamboree
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

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