Infinity Scarf Tutorial

The Weather in Miami is always so hot so the minute that the temperature starts dropping out of the norm, we automatically go into winter mode here. You start to see the "Miamians" wearing the Ugg boots, leather jackets and not to mention scarves. 

It made me think about Black Friday when my sister and I went to Old Navy to go shopping and she was looking at the scarves. When all of a sudden this lady from out of the state sees her looking a the scarf sale rack and says, "What do you need a scarf for, you live in Miami, when will you ever need that?" Lets just say that she was not in a great mood after that. Especially considering that we do not get cool temperature often, so it's not something we take lightly. 

I, like my sister, enjoy scarves. When I found this video online from DIY Dish, I just knew that I had to make it. It was lingering in my mind since last weekend. 

Considering that my husband has quite a few shirts that do not fit him anymore, I decided to raid his closet. What I love about this scarf is the fact that it is so easy to make since it requires NO SEWING! All you really need is a pair of scissors, a plate and a t-shirt and who doesn't have that at home?!

Supplies Needed:
  • 1 XL or XXL T-Shirt (The larger the shirt the thicker the scarf)
  • 9" Paper Plate (or any larger plate to cut circles from will do)
  • Scissors

  • Lay t-shirt out flat 
  • If you can get 8-12 circles it will be pretty thin, but around 15-20 circles will make your scarf fuller, like mine.
  • Use paper plate to trace 15-20 circles on t-shirt. (You should be able to get between 7-10 circles on each side).
  • Cut out circles.
  • Cut each circle into a spiral shape as seen below.
  • Once cut into a spiral, stretch each piece being careful not to tear fabric.
  • Lay out each piece of fabric and lay down flat together.
  • Take a scrap short strip of fabric left over from the shirt and tie it around the bundle of stretched fabric (in the middle), to hold all pieces together. I would do a double knot so that it doesn't come undone.
  • Tie around your neck as desired! You can also add a flower, brooch or pin to accessorize if necessary.

Cut out circles into a spiral shape.

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