Mustard Mondays

My uniform for Monday is "Mustard." Yes, we labeled all the days with the first letter of the day of the week, so next would be "Teal" Tuesdays, and so forth. We're silly like that I guess.

Well, since tomorrow is Mustard Monday, I found this necklace that was given to me, but was too boring for me to really wear. I got this brilliant idea to transform the circle into something a little more festive. I decided to turn it into a mustard color flower using my "Flower Pom Pom Tutorial."

I love the flowers because they can be used practically on anything such as: jewelry, clothing, purses, etc.

This was my boring necklace.
Cut out a felt piece the same size of the circle and glue it with glue gun.
Cut out around 15-20 circles of the same size.
Scrunch up each piece.
 Once you cut out the circles, hold it between all your fingers to scrunch it up in the center. Use your glue gun to put put some glue on the tip (bottom) and then glue one onto the center. Once you glue the middle one you will do the same all the way around that center one until you fill the entire felt.
Start with one in the middle and work your way around it.
This is it now!
I love it, what do you think?

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