Fabric Beaded Necklace

I had this material on hand that really is for a curtain. I enjoyed the material so much since it has a natural sheen to it. I also had some large gold beads that I found rather difficult to put it into place of any accessory, it had been sitting in my bead box for about a year.

Figuring that this was the perfect opportunity to use it, I decided to make this fabric beaded necklace. I had a vintage pearl pin as well that had always called my attention and I was going to use it for a clutch, but it just looked great with this necklace...so voila!

Tools and Materials:
Sewing machine
Fabric of your choice
Sewing scissors
Look Turner (or safety pin)
1-inch wooden beads

How To:
1. Use a thin piece of fabric (preferably silk or rayon).

2. Cut fabric so that the length is 55 inches and the width is 5 inches. (If your fabric isn't long enough, piece together two swatches to make the right length.)

3. Sew the sides of the fabric together to form a tube. Leave ends open.

4. Take a loop turner and turn tube inside out. (Or using a safety pin, to turn fabric inside out).

5. Take a 1-inch wooden bead and slide the bead to the center of the tube.

6. Hold the bead tightly to mark the center. Tie a tight knot on each side of center bead. Repeat process until you have about 8 beads inside fabric.

7. Sew ends closed on sewing machine.

8. Leave enough fabric on the ends to tie it around your neck (about 11 to 12 inches total).

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