Christmas Morning with the Rebollo Family

Christmas morning we went to my Aunt & Uncle's house to have a Christmas Brunch with the family.

This is where all of the kids get to hang out together and we try to all meet at one place to exchange our gifts. Family is what it's all about...it's the greatest gift of all.
Sani got makeup for Christmas.
Ethan opening his transformers.
Another Toy Story toy for Christmas.  
Erinn helping Sanaris with her xmas presents.
My son Dominic and his cousin Jayden.
Jayden entertained instead of opening his gifts.
My uncle Rey and my Goddaughter Erinn.
My cousin Ethan and my daughter, Sanaris.

Dominic playing with his sister Leap Pad.
My uncle Tony & my nephew Jayden.
My aunt Joy's mom and aunt. Also known as the Twins & "Double Trouble"
Mima (my grandma), Aunt Joy, Uncle Tony & my nephew, Jayden.
My Goddaugher, Erinn & her boyfriend, Chris and his family.

For appetizers my aunt made her famous Cocktail Smokies, which everyone seems to love so much. She made a huge pot of them and they were gone in an instant.

In case you're wondering the recipe consists of:
1 (10 oz. Jar) of Apricot Jelly
(2 packages) Cocktail Sausages or Little Smokies

Mix together and place in the crock pot. Heat until smokies are warmed, approximately 2 hours. You can cook them on the stove top as well.

She also made the most mouth watering meatballs. My husband was like, "who made these?" My Goddaughter said, "my mom." So he replied with, "She's coming home with me!" Lol. I always told him that my aunt cooks so Goooooooddddd! I guess he never believed me.

Merry Christmas!

What did you guys do with your families?

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