Christmas with the Marrero's

After going to my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas brunch then we were off to my mom's for a lunch/dinner.

Anytime anyone walked in they commented on how beautiful of  set up she created for Christmas. I loved it! She purchased these Christmas decorations that she said were 50% off and just the way she set it up was elegant. Then again, that's my mom for you. She's got a way with her decorations.

Even the cookies on the table were so gourmet looking. The set up was spectacular.

Before we opened the gifts I wanted to take pictures with my mom and my sisters.
Jax making fun of my son not wanting to take pictures. So we got caught laughing.
Jen, Mom, Me & Jax
We took pictures with my aunt and my grandmother as well.
Me, Mom, my aunt Marta, Jax, Jen
Grandma joining in ;)
Gang's all here ;)
Then, my grandmother took pictures with her great grandchildren.
Here are the kids with "Greenma" (my mom).
Dominic, Sanaris, Samantha (friend of family's little girl), Jayden.
Here are the kiddos before opening up the gifts. They were already tired of pictures. I always tend to wear them out.

The men...aarrrggghhh! lol.

The kids opening up their gifts.

She wouldn't let go of her cookie to open her gifts, fat fat! lol
Samantha & Sanaris
Jayden prefered to play with a coffee pot.

 The bigger kids opening up the gifts.
My aunt opening up her gift.
Jen got a new sweater, cute.

Jen opening up the gift we made her.
My Stepdad, Jose opening his gift.

Mom happy with her creme brulee torch set we gave her.
The hubby opening up a gift.

My men =)

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