Family Time

On Wednesday night, I decided to pack the husband up and the kiddos and head to my mom's house to help her prepare for Thanksgiving the next day.

While there, the kids were watching tv, playing with Zeus and we had time to have a couple of drinks. The drinks were actually very much needed after the hectic day I had at work.

This is a picture that my husband took of me unwinding. It actually came out pretty nice, with the exception that it is a little blurry.
I brought out the laptop and decided to take some pics of mom and I spending some time together with the webcam. It was quite fun considering that we don't get very much time to spend with one another. I found a program online that works along with your webcam to automatically Photoshop pictures as you take them. If you ever want to try it out, it's called WebCam Toy. It's free! I think you just have to have Google Chrome to use it since it is a Google product.
This was before the drinks
This was during the drinks
This was definitely after the drinks! Hahaha

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