Christmas Cards

I decided I would get a head start on Christmas cards this year since I say every year that I'm going to make them and then end up falling short on time.

So I went through my Christmas decoration box and found Christmas hats, lights and the tree skirt. My hubby prepared the camera and away we went taking pictures of the kiddos. I must say that it is not easy to set up and take pictures with small children. We must have taken 100 photos to get 1 good one. However, in the end, we were happy with the finished product.

My hubby even took one of his favorite ones and photoshopped the background. I think we did rather well. Hope this inspires you to take pictures and start your Christmas cards a little early.

This is one I created using the picture I took and Picnik to create the borders.

This is the outcome of the pictures I took, combined with the handmade Christmas Card I made to give out.

A few years back I found this cute little box, which I loved because it's got polka dots and stripes. It had pre-made cards in it already with categories for each card. I really bought the card just for the little box it came in and the organizational tabs that came inside. So I am using it to store the Christmas cards I made along with my other cards for the time being. I love when you find good use for things. :)

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