Black Friday

Oh My Goodness, is all I have to say about Black Friday!

The lines were so crazy and wrapped around the buildings. People were camping out in front of stores, from what I heard since Monday! They were only letting people in 50 at a time in order to prevent "chaos," as the Best Buy employee told me.

You may be asking what I was doing on Black Friday at Best Buy, well lets just say a picture is worth a 1,000 words....

This is what I was there for! I purchased a Canon Rebel Digital SLR Camera, which I am so happy with by the way. I saved some major $$ bucks $$ on it. Besides that, I am so excited to start snapping away. The best part of all was that just for buying the camera, they gave me a free carrying case, a UV filter, an 8GB memory card. Also, just for purchasing the camera, I was able to get the additional 75-300mm lens for only $100! 

These are some of the pictures I took today while I tested it out.
This is Zeus, English Bulldog
Zeus posing for me ;)
Zeus again ;)
I think I was upsetting him already :)
Our kids enjoying some breakfast with their grandmother.

My son made himself a cocktail out of yogurt and cantaloupe. LoL

Enjoying some yogurt.
A beautiful flower I found at my mom's house.
Love this beautiful flower.
 I actually have the 35mm version of the Canon Rebel and I loved it so much that I had to purchase the digital SLR version of it. I have been learning a bit more about photography as I go along. This just makes me want to get outside and snap away. So ... out I go...until next time.

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