Sewing Machine

One of the greatest investments in my crafting collection is my Singer Confidence.

This is the story of how I found true love: I happened to walk into JoAnn's Fabric that day in search of a sewing machine. While searching I realized that they were trying to sell their new line of sewing machines that I can't even pronounce, Husqvarna. I was in shock because I was so used to seeing them always sell Singer sewing machines, which according to them were always the best. So then I see a sign that says "for sale" on what looks like the best little sewing machine.Here they were selling it dirt cheap. Oh well, their loss is my GAIN!

I decided to check the price tag on the Singer and saw that it was only $150. Woohoo ::jumping for joy::

When they saw me looking at the Singer sewing machine they were quick to sell me one of the Husqvarna from their new line. Curiously, I asked the price on it....and it was $700 for the cheapest one. Say what?! That's something that would definitely hurt my pocket. Besides, since I do not sew often, I am really just a novice and I mostly sew items to practice my sewing skills...I knew that this was just not the kind of sewing machine I was looking for.

I quickly grabbed my new little Singer and off I went to a happy place of sewing, my craft room. I have loved it ever since. This little handy dandy machine comes with 30 decorative stitching options, the drop in bobbin system (the old school ones were a pain), it has a built in threading system (especially if you're blind as a bat!) ...and just so much more. I have been able to make purses, pillows, clutch purses, re-fashioned upcycled clothing and so much more. There's a sewing machine out there for each of us.

I have to admit, I <3 my Singer Confidence!

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