Pillow Tutorial

While cleaning out the kids closet, in preparation for our move within the next couple of months, we found clothes that no longer fit the kids. In the pile I found this long sleeve pajama shirt that Dominic loved so much. He loves dinosaurs. Then this got me thinking....why throw it out or give it away if he enjoyed it so much?! Perhaps I could turn it into something that he would really enjoy. Then I thought about his blanket that he carries around with him everywhere he goes...and then the light bulb turned on in my head ::bing:: well how about a pillow to match? Here begins my journey on making his little pillow.
Find any shirt or article of clothing to use.
Search internet for big bold letter of child's first name. Print. Cut.
Attach letter to fabric and fusible lining and cut out.
Attach fused letter to fabric by pinning down.
Sew around letter- inside & out  (applique)
Turn fabric inside out and sew around all edges except the top.
Sew the top leaving a 2" gap for turning inside out.
Turn inside out and stuff the pillow. Next, hand sew the top opening.
Here is the sewn top.
Completed pillow!
Enjoying his dinosaur pillow

 Of course, I had to make my daughter, Sanaris one also. In her pile I found an old sweater that she had that no longer fit her. I was so attracted to this bright pink color and the beautiful selection of buttons on this sweater. It broke my heart to give it away so I decided to make her a pillow to enjoy as well. She loved it, can't you tell?!
Enjoying her pink pillow

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