One day while teaching my daughter to smile and say cheese, I captured this beautiful photo of her. I just love it so much because of her innocence, the really big smile she gave me. It makes me smile and laugh every time. Kids are just too funny :)

Oh by the way, in case you're wondering what program I used to edit the picture, there are quite a few. If you're using Google Chrome as your web browser then go to the Google Store and download some of their free programs such as: Pixlr-o-matic, Picnik and Befunky Photo Editor, just to name a few. They're a lot of fun to play with and best of all they are free, unless you'd like to use their premium items of course.

(Disclaimer: In case you're wondering...I am not getting paid by Google to advertise for them, I am simply specifying the things I enjoy.)

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