Christmas Stockings

Hopefully soon I will be posting pictures of my homemade stockings, but first I need to decipher what style I am going for. Whether I would prefer the regular classic stocking, the elf style ones, what type of fabric I want to use, do I want it fluffy at the top? Should I monogram our names/initials onto it. Should I applique just the first letter of our names on it? My brain hurts....too many ideas to choose from.

My favorite would have to be the classy elf looking stockings. I want to make one for each of us, which would mean 4 stockings. Or should I make all 4 of them different to match each of us? Hmmm...lots to think about. Sounds like a weekend project to me since I know for sure that during the week I don't have much time for it.

While surfing the net, these are some of the pictures I found for inspiration:
Burlap Stocking with Ruffles
Peacock Elf Stocking
Fleece Stockings
Elf Fun Patterned Stocking
Felt Classic Stockings
I'd love to read your input on what style you think would be nice.

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