Photography Tips

Photography Tips
Macro: A macro lens shows close-up pictures of ordinary subjects-revealing an unknown world!

 If you want brilliant images, I would suggest taking pictures of a colorful subject like a cake. Using a blurred background for effect you will get striking professional-looking results. The cake will be the center of attention.

Macro is ideal for taking portrait photos, since the subject tends to stand out, while the background becomes hazy and blurred. Ex: flowers, bugs, etc.

Objects look best when photographed under natural light from a window. You can also try photographing a subject against background illumination- such as gleams of light coming through leaves. This captures images against a wonderfully luminous backdrop.

You can create an instant reflector by attaching a little wrinkled aluminum foil (using the darker, duller back side) to a piece of cardboard. Then take a little time to find the best angle for brightest illumination.

Change your view…Lower the camera position either to bird’s eye view, sky view, etc. Perhaps you want to take a picture of your pet, lower your position to your pet’s eye level to capture a better shot.

Camera settings play an important part in photography. Learn to use your camera in particular. Google or your camera manuals are a great place to start.

Try taking picture in monochrome, full color or sepia tones for a little added effect.

Want to be more adventurous? Try taking tilted shots, extreme close-ups, and more.

Shoot away!

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